Arq. Juanchy Zorrilla y Arq. Trini Baquero



Zorrilla & Baquero Arquitectos Asociados, is a company dedicated to architectural and urban design that begins in Santo Domingo in 1994 by its founding partners Arq. Juanchy Zorrilla and Arq. Trini Baquero, then in 2005 opened its offices in Punta Cana.


The firm has completed numerous projects including housing projects, commercial, religious, educational, urban and interior. This ongoing professional work has been recognized during his career merits such as 1st prize in the contest for "4 bedroom Villa Model" for the golf course La Cana in Punta Cana (2001) 1st prize in the contest "Villa Model 3 rooms" for the La Cana golf course in Punta Cana (2001).
The architectural firm specializing in the use of classical language / Traditional has a strong interest in respect to their surroundings and environment at the same time evoke the beauty and grace of the forms of classical philosophy. The interest of the firm not to reduce or limit aesthetic forms of the past, if not adapting knowledge to new areas in line with new technologies, so we follow the standard architectural design that beauty is not at odds with the functional.


It is the policy of the firm, to get involve throughout the development of the project from its conception, together with the owners, until the conclusion of the work, to ensure that a successful conclusion and finishing details in the design are conceived.







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